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Energy Solutions

Oomph Technology started to develop solutions to lower the running cost for cruise vessels with new innovations, this was then expanded to power generations and propulsion options 

Energy Solutions.jpeg

Running Cost 

Each Vessel is special and depend on the itinerary the operational cost will be very much different.  After a site survey a proposal will be generated with findings that can lower the cost.  There are few options like options like operation procedures and new solutions with a ROI. 


New and Repower

For new build we can offer different type of solutions that meet the newest rule and give a lower operational cost vs old solutions. 

For repower we will do a site survey to examine the existing main and auxiliary systems to prepare a new installation plan with the new solutions. 

Solar Energy Powered Modular Container .

Power Packs

The latest is to supply the power plan in modules a d can be placed on board and just connected to the existing power grid.  This system can also be as a back-up unit for on-shore systems. 

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